Life in the Old Cat Yet

Reports of its demise are exaggerated.  Instead, it has landed on its feet.  Truly the beast has nine lives.  And each of them is charmed.  Stay a while then and contemplate this: London is still open.  Space is closer to London than Oxford.  Let’s twin London with the Lunar Habitation at Shackleton’s Crater on the South Pole of the Moon.  Let’s take one step beyond and imagine living in a shed, rather than a five bedroom house.  The ISS is a bit like that old pile in the suburbs, but you’re moving inner city, into zone 1.  Cargo issues again.  What do you keep and what gets left behind?

How do you curate space?  Pack everything you need for six months.  You end up taking only a mouth harmonica so you can play the blues, made from wood and metal that is etched with loops and curlicues, a thing of beauty you can hold in your hand when your heart is heavy. You can pinch and zoom the rest.


Lunar Habitation Project Foster Partners

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