Joining the cargo cult

You had more invested in things staying the way they were than you ever realised when you started to change them.  Change takes on it’s own momentum and pulls you around.  Change or be changed.  The only constant is change.  Even resisting change, steady as she goes, don’t rock the boat, requires constant adjustment.  Trimming sails.  Clipping wings.  Nothing lasts forever.  Set adrift we search for a new anchorage, only to realise that a ship is safe in harbour but that’s not what ships are for.  But let’s not change for change’s sake.  What’s our cargo?  Ahoy new shores!

Chatting this morning I defined augmented reality as virtual objects and or other information overlaying a real-world environment (using QR tags or other anchor point triggers) while mixed reality has virtual objects present in the real world environment that the user can interact with (via HoloLens Headsets and so on).  This mixed reality world is the one that my Kinetic Coach operates in.  The Kinetic Coach teaches AIs to dance in virtual space.  It’s a kind of tango to create empathy.  We can all join in.

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