Nomads of the world unite

What does it mean to build a world?  To create a sense of place?  And what if that place is digital?  Something you access through ones and zeroes.  How do you make a home there on the home page?  And once you have, how do you ever begin again to deal with that vexed issue of identity and answer the question: ‘Where are you from? NO, where are you REALLY from?’Future of the Internet Kevin KellyPeople in the future will look at their AI interfaces and say… well.  They won’t be looking, they’ll be touching.  And they won’t be speaking, they’ll be moving, and the AI will read their body language.  And it will be a kind of dance, a tango… Kevin

Kelly essay ‘You Are Not Late’ quoted in Fluxx booklet ‘

The Plan Sucks’ 2018

How much do you have invested in things staying the way they are?

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